How I Learned to Work From Home: Dets to Becoming a NexRep Independent Agent

With the new year, for me, has come the exciting opportunity to take the plunge and finally work from home! That’s right, for the first time in over ten years, I had a “real” job!

There were rules to start with, first being, I would only apply to jobs online that would allow all the processes from pre-hire, to training, to start time. After quite a few hours scrolling through Indeed, I now work a few jobs that provide real pay. Pay options include either through PayPal, a cash card through the job itself, or direct deposit options.

At the first part-time job, I made minimum wage, and back then, I was grateful for the money because of the opportunity it gave me to actually work again. My time as a “telephone interviewer” with that particular company didn’t last long, however, because within a few weeks it was clear the pay wasn’t worth the aggravation of being a constant imposition to unsuspecting callers.

If you have a thick skin and don’t mind nightly critiques of your daily performance on random calls, this may be a viable possibility for you.

The technical requirements include; a computer or laptop, cell phone or house/landline phone, headset or ear buds with mic, printer and a steady Internet connection along with your clean background check.

That money was okay at 28 maximum hours and only $7.50 an hour, but, making over $12 an hour for 60 minutes of talk time plus the potential $20+ an hour in third party offer commissions, is way better!!

Come join me on the As For Seen TV team! These products sell themselves! Agents sell products that customers already want and offer them upgrades, accessories and opportunities to save from scripts tested and proven to sell with customers!

Processing orders from home is easy, fun and rewarding work! While selling, in my opinion, the pacing of a call as well as a smooth delivery, having a working expansive product knowledge of what you’re selling, and enthusiasm in the product pitch are the keys to scoring success in the continuing sales.

Wake up, roll out of bed, grab a bite to eat with your cup of joe, and schedule yourself to work from home comfortably. Tons of savings on daily expenses like gas, parking fees, and weather has less effect on your ability to work!

After 9 hours of unpaid training, 6 hours of certification, as well as an ethernet cable to connect your internet, along with the ability to work on the weekends, (when the call volume is highest) are all non-negotiable requirements for this position. Rock those and you are on the fast track to becoming a Direct Response Superstar!

Since I get to pick my own schedule, I get to work the hours I want.

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Smash Hit New Series: Kevin Probably Saves the World

Yvette and Kevin, on a righteous globe trotting mission that requires active spiritual currency and faith in new age, supernatural themes. Yaaas!

The new series to watch is Kevin Probably Saves the World. Kevin Finn, starring the ever enigmatic, Jason Ritter, takes a S.T.E.M. infused spiritual journey through a meteor shower of unlikely scenarios with his warrior for God, Yvette, played by fierce naturalista, Kimberly Herbert Gregory, that hits you in all the feels, then gives you life till the next episode

Kevin and Yvette after Kevin has a vivid spiritual vision!

The across the board appeal in positive programming, featuring a strong, leading man that doesn’t involve Russian spies, reality television characters or a high body count, aimed at 18 to 56 year olds of all ages and persuasions, is a bold and refreshing change on the Tuesday night line up.

Too often our young people, men particularly, are subjected to influences and hyperactive theme stimulus that challenges their self worth as well as masculinity, (e.g. gaming systems), and amp up their emotional responses to keep them actively engaged in the plot and action of the game they purchased. It’s a lot on the senses, in some cases, along with a poor diet, leaves the subject open to a host of health problems.

Reese (Chloe East), Amy (JoAnna Garcia) and Kevin (Jason Ritter) have a unique family dynamic that’s strained at times but supportive. It reflects the complexities  of gender roles our American culture faces as we progress together.

Because #KevinProbably features strong, fit leading ladies in his twin Amy Cabrera, played by JoAnna Garcia, and his tween neice, Reese Cabrera, played by Chloe East, the show features a variety of healthy diet choices like smoothies (cop an amazing smoothie maker here), salads, wraps, fresh fruit and seltzer water. 

A few episodes in, Kevin gets good exercise and protein sources from 24 spice barbecue sandwiches and chicken nachos. These good food influences leave a lasting impression on viewers, inspiring a better lifestyle for our young men but let’s not get ahead of the underlying positive universal messages for our women in such a rocky political landscape.

The diverse cast of characters that makes up #KevinProbably’s nucleus as he accepts his mission from the universe to find the righteous and anoint them with hugs.

As far as universal appeal and cultural diversity, the delivery is positively righteous in progressive Taylor, TX where much of the story takes place. There’s the Indian Asian love interest in Reese’s history teacher (Kevin’s high school girlfriend!) the beautiful, India de Beaufort, Amy’s African American sheriff beau played by J. August Richards and Latin American suggestions of Kevin’s best friend’s, Tyler’s (played by Dustin Ybarra) heritage within their busy social group. This is effortless, culturally rich programming I personally want out there to combat the nonstop negativity as the coverage of the 45th propaganda machine drains on through our modern times. America is a melting pot, and #KevinProbably proves that’s nothing to be afraid of within the confines of college town Taylor, TX.

#KevinProbably also isn’t afraid of challenging our boundaries of faith through the suggestion of spirituality for emotional connections above a defined religion. The belief in a higher power manages to survive a series rich with strong scientific foundations and progressive ideology. The audience gets to appreciate the marvels of science through Amy’s career as a professor of engineering but still leaves room for the magic of miracles and Earth angels on Kevin’s righteous misson to…(I don’t want to spoil it for you)!

Red or blue, young or older, anyone can sit down and enjoy the wacky antics of Kevin as he probably saves the world.

Tune in and catch the supernatural suspense of #KevinProbably, Tuesday 10/9c!

Are you a fan of the show? Drop me a comment below! Picked up on the positive vibes? Tell me all about it! 

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Ode to Jacqueline: To Be The Object Of Ridicule

Taken from Google Images

At some point in life, everyone is the object of form of ridicule. We are human, and as such, are mere copies of the original perfect being.

Aside from the frequent foibles and foul ups that befall us all, there are those of us designated to the “most hated” category of human existence; the dreaded outcast signaled out for abuse. Even worse is when the problem of bullying begins in childhood, when emotions are so raw and fresh, the sting of the taunts hurt much more than they should.

As human beings we pick up on social cues from any interaction with others, the youth today learn through school as well as the endless modes of media they are subjected to. 

Those born with obvious physical differences, who perhaps sound different or “funny” because of an impairment or a suffer from a health condition, become the constant “inept” character that becomes the constant object of ridicule among varying social circles. 

Those among us that “normal” people cannot relate to and their mere inclusion to their peers met with fierce objections. The unfortunate souls that encourage hateful rancor upon sight, that the very sound of their voice is a catalyst for lingering disgust for the equally unfortunate hearer. The social leper, the weakling, weak willed, weakest link that encourages abuse from the most random of entities.

They are often guilty of no crime but the implied life lesson being, those who follow the rules of the superficial world, who are able to be what others want them to be in the moment, are protected from such abuse. 

Yet, if you have some physical handicap, you have far more limitations than the ones you were born with. However burdened, cruelly, others will be sure to point out your flaws and carry on about them for the sake of comedy, in some cases. It is a bad business, being sick and different then rejected by polite society. 

Personally, I have felt the burn and sting of both sides of that symbiotic relationship, between the offensive and the offending, the difference between us is in how we fare in our travels.

Admittedly, I have slung thousands upon thousands of insults, curses and variable plagues out among the wide open acres of the cyber world.

Some negative generalities left liken to papercuts in their superficiality for those my words apply to and, to be sure, my written arrows of malice have deeper intended targets, should I feel slighted or betrayed in some way.

In my word slinging attempts, not so much to soothe the sting of an insult, no, but moreover to shed light into the speaker of such filth to one as me, to illuminate within them their own precious bit of humanity, their very winking soul, and show them they are not immune nor beyond feeling.

Ah, to feel these things, to weld these invisible tools to cut with them and to feel their cuts, is indescribable, really.

Taken from Google Images.

This stems from years, endless afternoons, bus rides, and walks home of childhood bullying that I survived. 

Bullies are all the same really,  young or old. Though done in the name of comedy it really stems from an attempt at control of the situation and a sense of power over the target. 

What ever drivel falls out of their disdained, pudgy yet socially acceptable faces is deemed high comedy, their insults admired like renowned art and (the ultimate fallacy) truth to the crowd.

After all, as their simplistic reasoning and the saying goes, “truth hurts.”

Me and Jacqueline know, there are other things, aside from truth, that hurt. Being the object of ridicule to so many because of weight, myself, I can assure, their “truth” is not the only thing that “hurts”. 

Some people want to tell jokes, others want to attack you physically for no reason. Want you to cry for them, to feel pain and lingering hurt because they decided you should.

What hurts beyond the physical, (can only speak for myself here), is the constant defense needed to survive the follies of youth into adulthood. The baggage of being unable to stand a kind word or compliment, without becoming instantly suspicious of the person’s motivation/intentions follows me, even now, decades later. 

Cringing internally away from the same stupid build up, obvious delivery and flat punchline coming from the social inept and scholastically challenged they. Even if that old set up never plays out and the person is just going about their business, and being “nice”.

What hurts is being unable to reach the old ghost of the person who intended to hurt me, even out of empathy now, because they are lost to the shadows of the time that has passed since then. 

The rudeness replaced, (those old caustic voices and uncomfortable social interactions), with artificial interactions carefully peppered with subliminal programing and meticulously designed mental prodding for product placement and pushing.

What hurts is that ever elusive human construct of “love”, that chemical reaction within the brain between synapses, being beyond my reach because I cannot believe in it. The words hold no meaning to me. Yet, I am programmed to seek it out, always within a partner, to wonder why I am alone and without my soul’s half.

Taken from Google Images.

If you are in your youth, and fall victim to the worst of what society offers us, might I offer you words of encouragement, in the still watches of the night, when the mind turns and shadows creep forward in the hallows of your mind?

Only this; you are human, dear heart. Forgive yourself the need for external validation through dubious sources. Let those words designed to hurt you, for whatever reason, flow over you, (in the immortal words of drag princess, Miss Jinx Monsoon) “like water off a duck’s back” for you are a peculiar treasure much loved by the creator of the infinite.

You are unique in your majesty and foothold in the stars, your enemies mere grains of sands that cling to the soles of your feet on your journey through time. Don’t let a few grains in the sands of time sully the bliss in the hourglass. In short, buck up cuz life gets harder and better than this.

For more on the affects of emotional abuse on mental health click here

For more on bullying check out here.

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C’est Delicieux: Portebella Mushroom and Cauliflower Pearl Risotto 

Portebella Mushroom and Cauliflower Pearl Risotto
The most versatile trendy food of 2017 has to include this dish’s feature: cauliflower pearls!

That’s right, no need to hold your nose as you laboriously chop through a whole head of cauliflower and haul out the food processor because pearled cauliflower exists in your processed produce and freezer section of your local big box discount chain or grocery store!

Decidedly vegetarian with the luscious inclusion of real heavy whipping cream (just 1/4 of a cup for 4 servings!),  6 Italian cheeses (again, just 1/4 for flavor!), and real butter for calcium and protein.

Loaded with antioxidants, minerals like selenium from the mushrooms, beta carotene from the cauliflower and combined cancer preventing properties this is a healthy nutritious addition to many recommended health plans.

This luxurious dish only tastes decadent with a splash of Paul Masson brandy to give this mock risotto warmth and depth. The sautéed vegetables and cheesy cream sauce make a hearty, earthy meal that gives you all the comfort without the calories of the traditional mushroom risotto dish.

The use of prepackaged sliced button mushrooms and pearled cauliflower with concentrated vegetable soup base means it cooks up very quickly, in just 20 minutes, with loads of flavor. For traditional risotto, simmered and continuously stirred at a simmer from short grain rice, would take hours to achieve the same creamy, textured al dente bite.

You can easily keep this vegan by omitting the butter, cheese and cream and substituting with coconut oil, nutritional yeast and coconut cream, but you would have to adjust the seasoning with heat for the coconut substitutes.

Whether vegetarian or vegan, this healthy lighter version of risotto is a quick and easy crowd pleaser even the pickest carnivore could love.

Perfect for cold nights or the feature of a winter’s lunch, make Creamy Portebella Mushroom and Cauliflower Pearl Risotto! Bon Appétit!

To make Awesomely Random’s Creamy Cheesy Vegetarian Mushroom and Cauliflower Risotto, you will need:

The Haul

1 package of cauliflower pearls (room temperature)

1 carton of presliced button mushrooms

1/2 half rough chopped white onion

1 bottle of water

1 tablespoon of vegetable broth base

3 splashes of Worcestershire Sauce

1 splash of Paul Masson brandy

1/4 cup of parmasean cheese

1/4 cup of 5 cheese Italian blend shredded cheese

1/2 teaspoon of thyme

2 cloves of minced garlic

1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream

3 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon of flour

Salt & pepper to taste

Dried parsley

Tools Required:

One large stainless steel sauté pan, small stainless steel sauce pot, cutting board, ladle, and a knife are required to make this dish!

The Method:

First, heat the tablespoon of vegetable broth base and the contents of the water bottle in a small sauce pot. 

Once at a boil, add the cauliflower pearls and cook for 2 minutes. Turn off but leave on heat source to continue cooking.

Next heat 2 tablespoons of butter in large sauté pan.

Next, add then sauté the onions until soft. Add thyme, salt, pepper and continue to cook.

Add mushrooms and another tablespoon of butter.

Sauté mushrooms until soft and glistening. Add garlic.

Add the Worcestershire Sauce and brandy then stir to combine.

Add tablespoon of flour and cook for 1 minute.

Add ladles of the cooked cauliflower into the hot pan (reserve the vegetable cooking liquid in case your mushroom mixture gets dry) then stir into the mushroom mixture.

Add cheeses. Stir and lower the heat.

Add heavy whipping cream. Continue stirring and lower heat to lowest setting. Adjust liquids and seasoning as needed and turn off heat completely.

Allow the cream sauce to reduce, gently stirring before sprinkling with dried parsley.

Ladle into bowls and serve! 

Makes 4 hearty servings! 


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Not today, Satan. Get thee behind me

Sometimes life is absolutely unpleasant, not worth sharing, embarrassing, then when clarity hits, it returns to the methodical working system of separate parts, set on a cheery timer that just buzzes along side you. 

And maybe, hearing about how I survive my personal horror show, will inspire you to not give up at the first sign of adversity, conflict or inconvenience life has for you. Strap in. This is a pip.

So, we’re a month and a half past surgery with extended hospital stay. I am already affixed with a necessary, non-negotiable  colostomy that’s developed into a pronounced prolapsed stoma, and I can’t get a break on the upkeep and maintenance of my current collection of working parts. 

Aside from the gaping groin wound I am faithfully nursing, am losing my right boob to even more interesting yet hardly of any use to anyone infection. It is like 3 times the size as normal and noticeably heavy. To put it realistically yet impolitely: b!tch hurt.

Indeed, things are grim. My bag leaks cuz my stoma fills my entire bag. Not a fashion statement, no this is not a 90s fad revisit, the bit of small intestine in a discreet sack located in the middle of your torso, “colostomy chique” look that I am going for. 

No, this is year seven for the proverbial frontal sh!t sack, a necessity in the surgical journey to battle hidradenitis. And to be totally honest. I am kind of over it. :/

So, here I am. In the now. Bowel spasming as well as the occasional bladder spasm from the cathader has me doubled over in cramps. I’m probably a little dehydrated. I’m still punchy from the three previous periodic leaks, ensuing bed changes, medicated showers, dressing changes and to do list extravaganza I have awaiting me when I get past this current mess. Am I worried? Nah.
These issues are gonna pass, they have to. There is too much natural evidence that “things pass” as well as change for me to worry too much about a little exaggerated belly pain from strain. 

Unpleasant, check. Annoying, indubitably. Life not worth living because of the inconvenience? Stop playing.

Losing so much of the things other people are able to take for granted, like basic reliable bodily functions, definitely is an inconvenience but only a minor one compared to the nonphysical losses others have suffered. 

The loss of empathy, compassion, faith and spiritual connection because they can’t appreciate the complexities of existing, imperfect and a target for abuse.

Besides, those old church lessons learned tell me surely, I must be blessed for the devil to work this hard on me? 

What must the blessings to come look like for him to take such trouble?? And surely, even now, rough tongued and suffering, He carries me and guides me through these trials and tribulations? Have to be blessed, to be strong enough to weather the storms life throws at you, without toppling over  from the pressure.

That’s the hope that gets me through when life doesn’t just throw curve balls but likes to lob bricks out into the status quo at you at random. 

In those cases, You duck. Breathe. Tell life to “suck it”. And move right on back to business.

Whatever your mess is, figurative or literal, just clean it up! One step at a time, one task at a time, from the bottom up and before long, things are better. The perspective has brightened slightly and the horizon is clear again. 

Tomorrow isn’t just something you face, it’s something you look forward to.

Just in case you forget, remember to:

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Skin Grafts: A Little Off the Top


Worst Scabs Eva!!!

So, that’s me in those rather gory pictures. After having skin graft surgery at least 4 times before, this time I decided to document it. 

Mainly, because the body makes you forget these periods of healing. I try to think back, to individual surgeries but they blur together and I get upset because this is something I should remember but, can’t. It is distressing to say the least.

So, what you’re seeing now there is the donor sites. Both upper thigh areas and the huge bandage, where the grafts went. Only 40% if the grafts took, mostly around the edges, and a few spots in the middle of the huge swatch of raw exposed skin is what I still have.

That is also a Foley, that tube, because I couldn’t use the bathroom at this time. 

Those scabs are awful to look at, they itch when they’re healing and as they are drying out. The only thing I can do, is lay there and try to distract myself from all the sensations of healing.

I am completely dependent upon the mercies of others during this time, and it is the worst feeling you can imagine. 

In this age of Dr. Pimple Popper, satisfying acne popping videos and close ups of rare medical illnesses, I thought to myself why not show people the process of skin grafting for medical and (God help us as a people) entertainment purposes?

How does it Feel?

My skin grafts, under the bed cradle, protected from air, day 2 or 3.

First stage of skin grafts, WEEK ONE: PAIN!!

Ever skinned your knee riding a bike? Or went to shave your leg, too close and took a bit of skin in passing? That’s what this feels like on a massive scale.

New skin graft next to previous, completely healed graphing site.

There is no escaping it. The first rounds of pain killers do not numb it completely. One can only hope to take the edge off that fiery, screaming hell of exposed nerve endings.

If you are unlucky, and require a massive area to be covered, (as I am), then the good doctor may need to stitch the grafting paper to your open flesh, so that the skin will heal flat, and feel super soft to the touch afterwards.

Previously Healed Donor Sites from Skin Grafts: Goals

If not for that graphing paper, the skin would not scab evenly, it would heal in layers, perhaps making the final layer of skin rough and unpleasant.

This way, it heals evenly, the scab is controlled and eventually over the course of several weeks, new skin will grow from within the cells.

Wanna ask me a question about skin grafts? Drop me a line below! Subscribe and follow me on my special YouTube channel Ally’s World of Pain for more on my progress while healing!

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