So Charity Outreach, how do I do it?

So, hopefully you were not a starry eyed optimist, hoping I would shed a ray of sunshine into your charitable dream in the form of a kickstarter, gofundme, grant proposal etc. Alas, no dear like minded individual, this is an open brain storming, take an idea but leave a suggestion type of groovology.

So, I have a bang up idea for a community empowerment center that’s built off of a smart technology wired self-maintenance solar powered greenhouse with grow opportunities based on the needs of the community. I want to create this self serving ecosystem whose only job is to serve the town that keeps it functioning. I’m not just blowing clouds of dank all day, endlessly scrolling through my refreshed timeline to break up the monatony of maintaining my buzz for the hour. This is within the realm of possibilities, isn’t it?

How do I begin to draw up a proposal for investors? How do I generate buzz? What are the secrets this technological realm of wonder holds for sustainable ideas to take root and thrive in civilization??

Thoughts, comments, suggestions please while I continue to ponder it about?




Author: awesomesauceryness

Life is pain, but still there is beauty to seen. An "awesomesauceryness" to the jagged edges, perhaps?

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