Beyond the Hype: Beauty Supply Stores

Support Your Local Businesses

TJ Beauty Depot! A safe haven for all your #teamnatural hair and beauty needs! E.O.E. they hire and promote from within the community! Their friendly, knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist you! Located off Austin Pea in Raleigh, Memphis!

Here in Memphis, I am proud to support our local Korean beauty supply stores because they are E.O.E. (Equal Opportunity Employer) establishments. TJ Beauty Depot hires from within the community they serve and often their prices beat their big box competitors for availability of highly sought after name brand products designed for naturals, and African American hair.

Some of the most sought after lines for Naturals are on their shelves!! In some cases, below retail value!

Though they still cater to those desiring relaxers, the Korean beauty supply stores have kept up with the Natural Hair Movement and offer a wide range of essential oils, unprocessed nut butters, African black soaps and natural conditioners.

While the local grocery chains will charge an extra $2 to $3 for the convenience of stocking “ethnic” hair care products on their shelves, the TJ Beauty Depot often offers popular items, within their stores, at retail or below market value for its customers, which are predominately, African American.

The sales representatives are there to assist you with a greeting and a smile! Most often, staff includes young African American women, (knowledgeable young ladies), with experience in the beauty field, who are able to facilitate a pleasant shopping experience for you!

Aside from various types of weaves, wigs and aisles of every method of hair management imaginable, they also offer a sizeable inventory in; make up, fashion accessories, contemporary fashion looks and home salon equipment at retail or discount prices!

Me under my hooded dryer, keeping on, over 5 years strong!

I have been more than satisfied in purchasing my beauty products from TJ Beauty Supply Depot! The hooded hair dryer I purchased over 5 years ago, still works like a dream and sets my natural styles perfectly. I am only able to find my processed, white shea butter, (an imported luxury from Sweden), at retail prices at TJ Beauty Supply Depot.

Silky, smooth processed white shea butter, (a product imported from Sweden) I can only purchase this luxury at TJ’s Beauty Depot! šŸ˜€

If an establishment is committed to serving their community, giving back by offering competitive prices and hiring from within the community they serve, I will continue to support and patronize their business.


What are your thoughts? Will you support minority owned businesses? Do you support local businesses? What are the beauty supply stores like in your community? Who owns them? How has your experience been?? Are they cheaper or more expensive than other retail outlets?? Drop a comment below!


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Author: awesomesauceryness

Life is pain, but still there is beauty to seen. An "awesomesauceryness" to the jagged edges, perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Hype: Beauty Supply Stores”

  1. Yes, I’m all about supporting local businesses. Also, I’m so impressed by the amount of care you put into your hair. Makes me feel soooooo lazy for just throwing dry shampoo in mine and calling it a day! haha


  2. I’m all for supporting local businesses vs the big box chains when I can. I think it’s so important to support them as they are our neighbors and help make our communities great!


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