Magically Disappearing Sangria

The Possible Benefits of Drinking Sangria

Some of the fruits in Sangria

Red wine is an excellent source of antioxidants that benefit the body including; helping the cardiovascular and immune systems. 

Some claim the antioxidants themselves help destroy cancerous cells in the fight against some cancers, (I can provide no scientific evidence to these claims) .

They also are known for destroying free radicals within the body, which in turn helps facilitate the production of vitamin C for proper blood support.

So, while we’re not making a health drink when celebrating with Sangria, we won’t derail our healthy hair, skin and overall wellness regime for very long!!

Coming Up With the Name

So, the reason I call this “Magically Disappearing Sangria” now is in preparation for this article, I made up a batch first for Cinco De Mayo. 

I explained to my mom and we agreed to let it infuse and drink it on Cinco De Mayo!

Starting on the first of May, I would remove the lid, mottle the fruit with a potato masher, then taste to see how the flavors were developing, (but just a few sips over ice).

By the 3rd day, my Sangria was almost gone!! I bought more wine and the liquor to replace the volume but I just knew I hadn’t had that much!! Was I crazy?!?

So, I text my mom about the disappearing Sangria, was the fruit absorbing it, did the ice evaporate, what was I doing wrong? 

In response, rather offhandedly, she replied, “Oh yea, your brother has been drinking the Sangria, I had some, it was good.”

What?!? It was the “has been” that ticked me off. 

Like say something!! Don’t let me think I’m going crazy watching it magically disappear!! 

So, no harm done, Cinco De Mayo came, my mom was happy with the results and on the brighter side to all the extra taste testing, that’s how I came up with the name! 

For my Mom!

The Magically Disappearing Sangria

The Sangria Haul!! Paid about $9 for the Chardonnay and about $7 for the Pinot Noir!

The Haul Required for Awesome Saucery’s Magically Disappearing Sangria

1 bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir

1 package of Dole’s Tropical Frozen Fruit Blend

2 sliced fuji apples

1 can pineapple tibits (drained)

1 can madarin orange segments (drained)

2 cutie oranges sliced in peels

1 pound washed blackberries

1 and a half cup of sugar

3 cups of ice

1 cup of triple sec

1 cup of Paul Masson brandy

1 cinnamon stick


1.) Combine the ice, all the fruit, and sugar in a large pitcher.

2.) Mottle with a potato masher to release juices and acids. 

3.) Add Cinnamon Stick.

4.) Pour wine, liquor and brandy over mottled fruit and sugar.

5.) Continue to mottled until well combine.

6.) Let sit 3 to 9 days for better fermenting.

7.) Serve in a glass with ice and fruit! Sip to get the most of the flavors!

Alternate Serving Suggestions

Aside from just using Pinot Noir (dark red wine), you can add half Chardonnay (a dry white wine) along with the triple sec and the brandy. You can switch up the liqours, the fruit combinations, the wines, this is a forgiving recipe so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Whether in a wine glass (pictured above, click the link to order on Amazon) with ice and seltzer or in a glass goblet (pictured below, click to the link to order on Amazon) straight up with ice and fruit, this is a fun, versatile and delicious drink with many flavor combinations perfect for Celebrations! It’s appropriate for just about any occasion, not just Cinco De Mayo! 

The Longer it Sits the Better…

I keep coming across that advice on the Internets. 

I seem to remember a recipe years ago saying it’s best to wait at least 4 to 9 days for the best flavor.

Today is the day before Cinco De Mayo, and in total the fruit will sit for say 6 days and marinate the flavors! Also the fruits will begin to break down and absorb the flavor. 

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