Skin Grafts: A Little Off the Top


Worst Scabs Eva!!!

So, that’s me in those rather gory pictures. After having skin graft surgery at least 4 times before, this time I decided to document it. 

Mainly, because the body makes you forget these periods of healing. I try to think back, to individual surgeries but they blur together and I get upset because this is something I should remember but, can’t. It is distressing to say the least.

So, what you’re seeing now there is the donor sites. Both upper thigh areas and the huge bandage, where the grafts went. Only 40% if the grafts took, mostly around the edges, and a few spots in the middle of the huge swatch of raw exposed skin is what I still have.

That is also a Foley, that tube, because I couldn’t use the bathroom at this time. 

Those scabs are awful to look at, they itch when they’re healing and as they are drying out. The only thing I can do, is lay there and try to distract myself from all the sensations of healing.

I am completely dependent upon the mercies of others during this time, and it is the worst feeling you can imagine. 

In this age of Dr. Pimple Popper, satisfying acne popping videos and close ups of rare medical illnesses, I thought to myself why not show people the process of skin grafting for medical and (God help us as a people) entertainment purposes?

How does it Feel?

My skin grafts, under the bed cradle, protected from air, day 2 or 3.

First stage of skin grafts, WEEK ONE: PAIN!!

Ever skinned your knee riding a bike? Or went to shave your leg, too close and took a bit of skin in passing? That’s what this feels like on a massive scale.

New skin graft next to previous, completely healed graphing site.

There is no escaping it. The first rounds of pain killers do not numb it completely. One can only hope to take the edge off that fiery, screaming hell of exposed nerve endings.

If you are unlucky, and require a massive area to be covered, (as I am), then the good doctor may need to stitch the grafting paper to your open flesh, so that the skin will heal flat, and feel super soft to the touch afterwards.

Previously Healed Donor Sites from Skin Grafts: Goals

If not for that graphing paper, the skin would not scab evenly, it would heal in layers, perhaps making the final layer of skin rough and unpleasant.

This way, it heals evenly, the scab is controlled and eventually over the course of several weeks, new skin will grow from within the cells.

Wanna ask me a question about skin grafts? Drop me a line below! Subscribe and follow me on my special YouTube channel Ally’s World of Pain for more on my progress while healing!

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Life is pain, but still there is beauty to seen. An "awesomesauceryness" to the jagged edges, perhaps?

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