Ally’s Articles ~ Advice/Analysis/Breakdowns

Here I offer a unique psychological analysis of some of my favorite and popular reality television shows.

As representatives of not only their networks, but also what most American women aspire to (wives, friends, mothers and business women) it is often difficult to distinguish their emotional displays from what these powerful beautiful women are experiencing under the surface. A simple introduction and back story is usually all time will allow during the program, here I try to offer my readers not sass or snark, but real problem solving techniques to better understand what is happening on screen.

I do not aim to take sides in my episode breakdowns, I try to isolate the exact causes of “drama” (whether it be deception and displays of angst or aggression) from the reality players and offer an outside perspective on what could be fueling their public displays of emotion.

Some of my favorites are The Real Housewives Franchises, Catfish the Television Show, and coming soon fresh from Bravo’s latest adventures: Game of Crowns and Married to Medicine.


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