How I Learned to Work From Home: Dets to Becoming a NexRep Independent Agent

With the new year, for me, has come the exciting opportunity to take the plunge and finally work from home! That’s right, for the first time in over ten years, I had a “real” job!

There were rules to start with, first being, I would only apply to jobs online that would allow all the processes from pre-hire, to training, to start time. After quite a few hours scrolling through Indeed, I now work a few jobs that provide real pay. Pay options include either through PayPal, a cash card through the job itself, or direct deposit options.

At the first part-time job, I made minimum wage, and back then, I was grateful for the money because of the opportunity it gave me to actually work again. My time as a “telephone interviewer” with that particular company didn’t last long, however, because within a few weeks it was clear the pay wasn’t worth the aggravation of being a constant imposition to unsuspecting callers.

If you have a thick skin and don’t mind nightly critiques of your daily performance on random calls, this may be a viable possibility for you.

The technical requirements include; a computer or laptop, cell phone or house/landline phone, headset or ear buds with mic, printer and a steady Internet connection along with your clean background check.

That money was okay at 28 maximum hours and only $7.50 an hour, but, making over $12 an hour for 60 minutes of talk time plus the potential $20+ an hour in third party offer commissions, is way better!!

Come join me on the As For Seen TV team! These products sell themselves! Agents sell products that customers already want and offer them upgrades, accessories and opportunities to save from scripts tested and proven to sell with customers!

Processing orders from home is easy, fun and rewarding work! While selling, in my opinion, the pacing of a call as well as a smooth delivery, having a working expansive product knowledge of what you’re selling, and enthusiasm in the product pitch are the keys to scoring success in the continuing sales.

Wake up, roll out of bed, grab a bite to eat with your cup of joe, and schedule yourself to work from home comfortably. Tons of savings on daily expenses like gas, parking fees, and weather has less effect on your ability to work!

After 9 hours of unpaid training, 6 hours of certification, as well as an ethernet cable to connect your internet, along with the ability to work on the weekends, (when the call volume is highest) are all non-negotiable requirements for this position. Rock those and you are on the fast track to becoming a Direct Response Superstar!

Since I get to pick my own schedule, I get to work the hours I want.

Surprise yourself, improve your expenses, come and make the most of your potential with us from the comforts of your own home! Use Alysha R for referral!

Pick up a $5 referral fee program with me for signing up for PayPal and uploading at least $10 on your prepaid card.

Use 7935938470 (my referral code) to get you started and refer your friends and family to get in on the fun! Let’s make money together!

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Worth a Second Look: The Hudsucker Proxy


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The Hudsucker Proxy is the sweeping 1950s industrial drama from the Cohen brothers’ 1994 now a classic piece of movie magic known for its neo-noir cinematography style.

Starring Tim Robbins as the titular proxy Norville Barnes, this fish out of water story comes complete with an impossible ending that makes the audience stretch their imaginations and want to believe.

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As the movie opens, the big clock on Hudsucker Industries is just about to strike midnight.

New Year’s Eve on a Ledge

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We find our young hero, Norville Barns, the president of Hudsucker Industries, out on the ledge of his office, about to jump. The circumstances take a sudden, dire turn, rather quickly.

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What brought young Norville, an enterprising young man with such promise and potential, to this low end in a high place and on New Year’s Eve?

Warring Hudsucker Merges With the Infinite

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To understand what looks like his last day as president, we must look back at his first day on the job.

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Which also happens to be the same day, Warring Hudsucker, the former president of the company, himself, came flying out of the boardroom window.

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A selfish move on his part, the greedy board is left holding onto the lush stocks of a helmless portfolio. 

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Soon the controlling interest in the company will go public, and they will lose any advantages they incurred at the top.

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Sidney Mussburger, the balls to the wall businessman, played by Paul Newman, devises a plan to drive down the value of the stock so the board can snatch up the controlling interest and continue to rule Hudsucker Industries at the top.

In order to buy more, they needed a chump, a dope, a real sucker to head the company and send their shareholders in a panic of mass depreciation.

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Enter one Norville Barnes with his almighty blue letter, ready with his greatest idea and wits to pitch Mussburger the next big thing for kids. He manages to save the day through hilarious hijinks that must be seen to be believed!

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And so begins the start of Norville Barnes tenure as president of Hudsucker Industries.

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The Hudsucker Proxy is an industrial age romantic fantasy about the wonders and woes of the influence makers at the top. Even a wide eyed idealist, fresh out of Muncie Indiana Business School, can rise to the top and manage to lose it all, then find himself at the end of his wits.

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A Muncie Girl

Amy Archer, the fast talking career gal at the news desk, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, is the first one to question the appointment of Norville as the head of Hudsucker Industries. 

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What made Barnes such an “idea man”, why was he promoted his first day in the mailroom, and what was the hubris board and the increasingly sinister Mussburger up to?

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For an exclusive piece for her newspaper, Amy decides to go undercover at the Hud itself. To get to the bottom of the story, she cons Norville out of a free lunch and a job by pretending to be a desperate, fresh out of Muncie Polytechnic Secretarial College with a mother suffering from lumbaygo. Norville hires her as his personal secretary and tells her about his brain child, “for kids”, a thingum.

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Unimpressed by his vision, Amy prints up an unflattering story about Norville being an incompetent moron which in turn brings out a defensive side of Norville, Amy instantly respects. 

She’s realizing she misjudged Norville too late to spare him the backlash from shareholders. He’s pitiful, but still she owed him so much.

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This is the beginning of the budding love story of Norville and Amy.

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The thing was, although her story did cause the stock depreciation Mussburger (along with the geriatric board) dreamed and schemed about, they all underestimated Norville’s quirky invention.

Taken from Google Images

(The longsuffering creative process that inspired the name “Hula Hoop”.)

Taken from Google Images

For kids. Taken from Google Images

This invention is an instant hit among the kids, connects with everyone in the world and became the biggest fad of the time.

Young Norville has become a household name, the Hudsucker stock is at an all time high, but the trouble has just begun for the board and old Mussburger.

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They sold their stock before catching Norville’s wave of success and now need to be able to gain control of his stock to have any interest in their company.

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It’s enough tension they have to send a guy in for a massage inside the boardroom.

Mussburger himself is so tense about Hudsucker futures, its enough for him to send his proxy out on a limb (and a ledge) for his untimely success.

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Norville manages to lose his wits and his nerves after Mussburger confronts him with the truth about the young Miss Archer, putting the company in a dangerous position and Norville, out on a ledge.

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How does Norville survive his fall from the top?

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How does Hudsucker Industries fare now that the newest chief executive officer is preparing to make a splash on Fifth Avenue, literally??

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The hilarity ensues through double crosses, betrayals, dumb luck and all as we try to figure out what becomes of The Hudsucker Proxy!!

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Watch or buy The Hudsucker Proxy @ to see how it all plays out!

Loved the movie? Leave me a comment below!

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Beyond the Hype: Beauty Supply Stores

Support Your Local Businesses

TJ Beauty Depot! A safe haven for all your #teamnatural hair and beauty needs! E.O.E. they hire and promote from within the community! Their friendly, knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist you! Located off Austin Pea in Raleigh, Memphis!

Here in Memphis, I am proud to support our local Korean beauty supply stores because they are E.O.E. (Equal Opportunity Employer) establishments. TJ Beauty Depot hires from within the community they serve and often their prices beat their big box competitors for availability of highly sought after name brand products designed for naturals, and African American hair.

Some of the most sought after lines for Naturals are on their shelves!! In some cases, below retail value!

Though they still cater to those desiring relaxers, the Korean beauty supply stores have kept up with the Natural Hair Movement and offer a wide range of essential oils, unprocessed nut butters, African black soaps and natural conditioners.

While the local grocery chains will charge an extra $2 to $3 for the convenience of stocking “ethnic” hair care products on their shelves, the TJ Beauty Depot often offers popular items, within their stores, at retail or below market value for its customers, which are predominately, African American.

The sales representatives are there to assist you with a greeting and a smile! Most often, staff includes young African American women, (knowledgeable young ladies), with experience in the beauty field, who are able to facilitate a pleasant shopping experience for you!

Aside from various types of weaves, wigs and aisles of every method of hair management imaginable, they also offer a sizeable inventory in; make up, fashion accessories, contemporary fashion looks and home salon equipment at retail or discount prices!

Me under my hooded dryer, keeping on, over 5 years strong!

I have been more than satisfied in purchasing my beauty products from TJ Beauty Supply Depot! The hooded hair dryer I purchased over 5 years ago, still works like a dream and sets my natural styles perfectly. I am only able to find my processed, white shea butter, (an imported luxury from Sweden), at retail prices at TJ Beauty Supply Depot.

Silky, smooth processed white shea butter, (a product imported from Sweden) I can only purchase this luxury at TJ’s Beauty Depot! 😀

If an establishment is committed to serving their community, giving back by offering competitive prices and hiring from within the community they serve, I will continue to support and patronize their business.


What are your thoughts? Will you support minority owned businesses? Do you support local businesses? What are the beauty supply stores like in your community? Who owns them? How has your experience been?? Are they cheaper or more expensive than other retail outlets?? Drop a comment below!


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