Smash Hit New Series: Kevin Probably Saves the World

Yvette and Kevin, on a righteous globe trotting mission that requires active spiritual currency and faith in new age, supernatural themes. Yaaas!

The new series to watch is Kevin Probably Saves the World. Kevin Finn, starring the ever enigmatic, Jason Ritter, takes a S.T.E.M. infused spiritual journey through a meteor shower of unlikely scenarios with his warrior for God, Yvette, played by fierce naturalista, Kimberly Herbert Gregory, that hits you in all the feels, then gives you life till the next episode

Kevin and Yvette after Kevin has a vivid spiritual vision!

The across the board appeal in positive programming, featuring a strong, leading man that doesn’t involve Russian spies, reality television characters or a high body count, aimed at 18 to 56 year olds of all ages and persuasions, is a bold and refreshing change on the Tuesday night line up.

Too often our young people, men particularly, are subjected to influences and hyperactive theme stimulus that challenges their self worth as well as masculinity, (e.g. gaming systems), and amp up their emotional responses to keep them actively engaged in the plot and action of the game they purchased. It’s a lot on the senses, in some cases, along with a poor diet, leaves the subject open to a host of health problems.

Reese (Chloe East), Amy (JoAnna Garcia) and Kevin (Jason Ritter) have a unique family dynamic that’s strained at times but supportive. It reflects the complexities  of gender roles our American culture faces as we progress together.

Because #KevinProbably features strong, fit leading ladies in his twin Amy Cabrera, played by JoAnna Garcia, and his tween neice, Reese Cabrera, played by Chloe East, the show features a variety of healthy diet choices like smoothies (cop an amazing smoothie maker here), salads, wraps, fresh fruit and seltzer water. 

A few episodes in, Kevin gets good exercise and protein sources from 24 spice barbecue sandwiches and chicken nachos. These good food influences leave a lasting impression on viewers, inspiring a better lifestyle for our young men but let’s not get ahead of the underlying positive universal messages for our women in such a rocky political landscape.

The diverse cast of characters that makes up #KevinProbably’s nucleus as he accepts his mission from the universe to find the righteous and anoint them with hugs.

As far as universal appeal and cultural diversity, the delivery is positively righteous in progressive Taylor, TX where much of the story takes place. There’s the Indian Asian love interest in Reese’s history teacher (Kevin’s high school girlfriend!) the beautiful, India de Beaufort, Amy’s African American sheriff beau played by J. August Richards and Latin American suggestions of Kevin’s best friend’s, Tyler’s (played by Dustin Ybarra) heritage within their busy social group. This is effortless, culturally rich programming I personally want out there to combat the nonstop negativity as the coverage of the 45th propaganda machine drains on through our modern times. America is a melting pot, and #KevinProbably proves that’s nothing to be afraid of within the confines of college town Taylor, TX.

#KevinProbably also isn’t afraid of challenging our boundaries of faith through the suggestion of spirituality for emotional connections above a defined religion. The belief in a higher power manages to survive a series rich with strong scientific foundations and progressive ideology. The audience gets to appreciate the marvels of science through Amy’s career as a professor of engineering but still leaves room for the magic of miracles and Earth angels on Kevin’s righteous misson to…(I don’t want to spoil it for you)!

Red or blue, young or older, anyone can sit down and enjoy the wacky antics of Kevin as he probably saves the world.

Tune in and catch the supernatural suspense of #KevinProbably, Tuesday 10/9c!

Are you a fan of the show? Drop me a comment below! Picked up on the positive vibes? Tell me all about it! 

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