Make Real Money at Home! Come join me at Nexrep!

With the new year, for me, came the exciting opportunity to overcome my mobility issues and take the plunge into working from home! For the first time in over ten years, I had a “real” job!

I only applied to jobs online and now, work a few all together that provide real pay, either through PayPal, a cash card through the job itself, or direct deposit options.

At the first part-time job, I made minimum wage, and I was grateful for the money. It didn’t last long, because it wasn’t worth the aggravation. If you have a thick skin and don’t mind nightly critiques of your daily performance on random calls, this may be a viable possibility for you.

There I was, earning $7.50 an hour, as an outbound interviewer. The technical requirements include; a computer or laptop, cell phone or house phone, printer and a steady Internet connection along with your clean background check.

Found on a post in, the best thing good about this job was the steady, weekly paychecks. $175 a week for 28 hours max is not bad. No real possibility of improvement in the first few months.

If you are able to pass a voice test and phone interview, you will experience the agony and the ecstacy of nonstop high volume outbound calls on the unsuspecting general public. And they do not always appreciate it.

The work is draining, emotionally and physically, again the weekly pay makes the harshness of personified imposition in the form of a survey giver’s life via telephone bearable.

That money was okay but making over $12 an hour for 60 minutes of talk time plus the potential $20+ in third party offer commissions is way better.

Come join me on the As For Seen TV team! These products sell themselves! Agents sell products that customers already want and offer them upgrades, accessories and opportunities to save!

Processing orders from home is rewarding work! While selling, in my opinion, pacing as well as a smooth delivery, expansive product knowledge, and enthusiasm in the product pitch are the keys to scoring success in the continuing sales.

Wake up, roll out of bed, grab a bite to eat with your cup of joe, and schedule yourself to work from home comfortably. Tons of savings on daily expenses like gas, parking fees, and weather has less effect on your ability to work.

After 9 hours of unpaid training, 6 hours of certification, as well as an ethernet cable to connect your internet, along with the ability to work on the weekends, (when the call volume is highest) these are all non-negotiable requirements for this position. Rock those and you are on the fast track to becoming a Direct Response Superstar!

Since I get to pick my own schedule, I get to work the hours I want.

Surprise yourself, improve your expenses, come and make the most of your potential with us from the comforts of your own home! Use Alysha R for referral!

Pick up a $5 referral fee program with me for signing up for PayPal and uploading at least $10 on your prepaid card.

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