Ode to Jacqueline: To Be The Object Of Ridicule

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At some point in life, everyone is the object of form of ridicule. We are human, and as such, are mere copies of the original perfect being.

Aside from the frequent foibles and foul ups that befall us all, there are those of us designated to the “most hated” category of human existence; the dreaded outcast signaled out for abuse. Even worse is when the problem of bullying begins in childhood, when emotions are so raw and fresh, the sting of the taunts hurt much more than they should.

As human beings we pick up on social cues from any interaction with others, the youth today learn through school as well as the endless modes of media they are subjected to. 

Those born with obvious physical differences, who perhaps sound different or “funny” because of an impairment or a suffer from a health condition, become the constant “inept” character that becomes the constant object of ridicule among varying social circles. 

Those among us that “normal” people cannot relate to and their mere inclusion to their peers met with fierce objections. The unfortunate souls that encourage hateful rancor upon sight, that the very sound of their voice is a catalyst for lingering disgust for the equally unfortunate hearer. The social leper, the weakling, weak willed, weakest link that encourages abuse from the most random of entities.

They are often guilty of no crime but the implied life lesson being, those who follow the rules of the superficial world, who are able to be what others want them to be in the moment, are protected from such abuse. 

Yet, if you have some physical handicap, you have far more limitations than the ones you were born with. However burdened, cruelly, others will be sure to point out your flaws and carry on about them for the sake of comedy, in some cases. It is a bad business, being sick and different then rejected by polite society. 

Personally, I have felt the burn and sting of both sides of that symbiotic relationship, between the offensive and the offending, the difference between us is in how we fare in our travels.

Admittedly, I have slung thousands upon thousands of insults, curses and variable plagues out among the wide open acres of the cyber world.

Some negative generalities left liken to papercuts in their superficiality for those my words apply to and, to be sure, my written arrows of malice have deeper intended targets, should I feel slighted or betrayed in some way.

In my word slinging attempts, not so much to soothe the sting of an insult, no, but moreover to shed light into the speaker of such filth to one as me, to illuminate within them their own precious bit of humanity, their very winking soul, and show them they are not immune nor beyond feeling.

Ah, to feel these things, to weld these invisible tools to cut with them and to feel their cuts, is indescribable, really.

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This stems from years, endless afternoons, bus rides, and walks home of childhood bullying that I survived. 

Bullies are all the same really,  young or old. Though done in the name of comedy it really stems from an attempt at control of the situation and a sense of power over the target. 

What ever drivel falls out of their disdained, pudgy yet socially acceptable faces is deemed high comedy, their insults admired like renowned art and (the ultimate fallacy) truth to the crowd.

After all, as their simplistic reasoning and the saying goes, “truth hurts.”

Me and Jacqueline know, there are other things, aside from truth, that hurt. Being the object of ridicule to so many because of weight, myself, I can assure, their “truth” is not the only thing that “hurts”. 

Some people want to tell jokes, others want to attack you physically for no reason. Want you to cry for them, to feel pain and lingering hurt because they decided you should.

What hurts beyond the physical, (can only speak for myself here), is the constant defense needed to survive the follies of youth into adulthood. The baggage of being unable to stand a kind word or compliment, without becoming instantly suspicious of the person’s motivation/intentions follows me, even now, decades later. 

Cringing internally away from the same stupid build up, obvious delivery and flat punchline coming from the social inept and scholastically challenged they. Even if that old set up never plays out and the person is just going about their business, and being “nice”.

What hurts is being unable to reach the old ghost of the person who intended to hurt me, even out of empathy now, because they are lost to the shadows of the time that has passed since then. 

The rudeness replaced, (those old caustic voices and uncomfortable social interactions), with artificial interactions carefully peppered with subliminal programing and meticulously designed mental prodding for product placement and pushing.

What hurts is that ever elusive human construct of “love”, that chemical reaction within the brain between synapses, being beyond my reach because I cannot believe in it. The words hold no meaning to me. Yet, I am programmed to seek it out, always within a partner, to wonder why I am alone and without my soul’s half.

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If you are in your youth, and fall victim to the worst of what society offers us, might I offer you words of encouragement, in the still watches of the night, when the mind turns and shadows creep forward in the hallows of your mind?

Only this; you are human, dear heart. Forgive yourself the need for external validation through dubious sources. Let those words designed to hurt you, for whatever reason, flow over you, (in the immortal words of drag princess, Miss Jinx Monsoon) “like water off a duck’s back” for you are a peculiar treasure much loved by the creator of the infinite.

You are unique in your majesty and foothold in the stars, your enemies mere grains of sands that cling to the soles of your feet on your journey through time. Don’t let a few grains in the sands of time sully the bliss in the hourglass. In short, buck up cuz life gets harder and better than this.

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